King Friday


A fantastic label active from 2009-2012, releasing heat between those years. Guaranteed party starters from this low-key imprint based in London and Rio de Janeiro. See the logo? Buy it.

Sep, 24 · in Disco (Edits/Funk)


Absolutely killer collection from the one and only TP! Originally released in ’96 as a tribute to the legend DJ Ken Collier, Tribute is getting a repress with an extended version of “Your Love.” Expertly […]

Sep, 16 · in House


Twisted tracks from the TTT camp, this time from Ekman. More Noise than Dance in genre and style, sonic construction is definitely this release’s strength. Entropy is a delayed, mistimed cluster of sounds at a […]

Sep, 12


Funked-out tracks from Romanian-born Borrowed Identity on the Home Taping is Killing Music imprint. Nice groovy drums accompanied by tasteful sampling and Rhodes chords. Four fun tracks for dance floors.

Sep, 03


Masterful Edits from producer and head of the MERC imprint Mark E. Two cuts here, The Shoe and I Don’t Know What This Is, making up the third, and best, installment of his E-Versions series. […]

Aug, 28

Eintakt Interview

Eintakt Records is a German dub Techno label run by industry veteran Markus Lang, who also DJs and produces under the name Plastique. In addition to Eintakt, Lang runs Hot Content, Rare, Townhousemusic and¬†Rauhphaser, all […]

Aug, 25

King’s Selection Vol. 000

The King’s Selection Vol. 000 is an eclectic mix of my personal vinyl collection. In this mix you can hear field recordings from Pennsylvania, Thai orchestral songs recorded in the 1970s, Italian folk music, intricate […]

Aug, 21
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