King Friday


Two really nice tracks from Literon (aka Gerd, Geeeman, NY Stomp) via Clone Basement Series. Wonderfully constructed tunes that pack a punch, gaining momentum over time as layer upon layer collide. Synthetic stabs rhythmically interject […]

Nov, 05 · in Techno


Quality label you need to know about. Lonesome Hero is a rather ideological label hellbent on preserving vinyl culture and its dependents. Its 11th, and most recent, offering comes from The Rasundas, a reoccurring character […]

Nov, 03 · in House,Techno


Beautifully raw tracks from the one-and-only DJ Qu via Strength Music. The New Jersey-based DJ has been recognized for his production skills for almost 10 years now. His latest offering is a very strong 3-tracker […]

Nov, 02


A three-track steamer from DJ Shanté, courtesy of HOT Records. Perfectly structured and sampled, Ballroom Glitz pure gold. On a proper system, the lush percussion and tight b-lines will kill. Very low key label so […]

Nov, 01


Four new tracks from Ptaki (Engl: ‘Birds’), the Polish duo that you probably know of from Very Polish Cut-Outs. A beautifully sampled offering, Kalina sees the duo take on some new sounds, as well as expand […]

Oct, 08


A new collaboration between Synkopheit and Madalba brings us the first release from Arkita. Three tracks, one from each producer and a collaboration, are presented on the debut. Very powerful and dark offering.

Oct, 07


A’phreaq’s is a Baltimore-based producer whose got one of the most killer Techno sounds this side of the Atlantic. His music is powerful, rhythmic and innovative using timbres and sounds that only make sense in the […]

Oct, 04
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